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The motion after anteprandial motion and meal is possible. Those who need an attention is, wanting to go out must noticing before ran cannot be to be after the meal, also cannot be the condition that wears in hunger comes down likewise ran. If be to be in a hour after the meal with respect to ran, such games increases gastric burden, cause indigestion or be gastric ministry prolapse, before understanding ran in detail, have a meal or have a meal after ran?

Have a meal before ran or have a meal after ran

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White carbohydrate) , it is to conduce to the body regaining energy, prevent muscle excessive decompose. Because rice is met,this is translate into candy regards the body as energy. In ranForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The 45-60 after has a meal after minute, the body can them efficient use. This time inside the 1~2 hour that ran is over paragraph it is the time that uses afraid put on weight least of all paragraph, absorb and use the metropolis is very tallForum of Shanghai night net

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, grow also secreting of hormone what, begin body rehabilitate. Best ran time is afternoon 15:00-18:00, having a meal after ran is can complementary capabilities won’t of get fat.

The optimal time of ran is in the morning mixed to 10 o’clock at 9 o’clock arrived at 4 o’clock afternoon at 6 o’clock. Former and spatio-temporal air is fresh, level of the cortin inside body amounts to peak value. And according to biological clock, arrived at 4 o’clock about at 6 o’clock the suiting of the body of ability and physical strength bring play into play optimal. Reduce weight with ran if be a purpose, can be in in the morning or afternoon ran, ran is over have a meal, complemented so carbolic water chemical combinationForum of Shanghai night net

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Restore in time from inside exhaustion at the body. Rice has inside before ran one hour stodgy.

Have a meal before ran or have a meal after ran

Right for the person that run first, want to drink a cup of water to a hour in before running half hours, eat food of bit of high in syrup or snack (the banana egg a thick soup, ) that suckle former times. Food of tall nutrition, tall fibrous can cause gastric disease normally, especially to running first person, too much grease, protein, salad and fruit do not eat before ran (banana is exceptional, because the intestines and stomach of major person can accept its) .

After ran, our body begins to pass anabolic will complement the wastage during motion, must complement right now enough protein and carbohydrate. We rest 50 minutes or so to be able to take food after ran prandial, flesh of whole wheat coarse food grain and bean curd of congee of 3 article fish, rice of black soya bean, decoct and white rice, chicken breast is right choice.

Ran looks be like simple, but also want a foundation oneself fitness is reasonable arrangement. Opposite at the ankle, knee joint runs in the body use pressure of the susceptive when rising bigger, more vulnerability. Expert proposal, if weight is too fat, had better use go quickly replace ran, fall motion to the injury of knee joint lowest. Even if be of regular rate,take a walk, should last 45 minutes only above, also can rise to exercise and use up adipose function.

Have a meal before ran or have a meal after ran

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Before running, mix the adjustment after running is likewise important. Before ran, do a few crouch greatly and extend movement, loosen nervous muscle and skeleton, for next ran easy vivid bones and muscles, brace up. In ran process, want to master breathing rhythm, hold even and free from worry breath, reduce the fatigue of heart lungs effectively, retain abundant physical power. Run do not stop immediately after the pace, best can don’t go yet period of time, adjust heartbeat and breath. Avoid unwell reaction to appear.

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