Suffer fully reputably ” galaxy ” record of history of broken Paradox of first days of sales volume

Paradox interacts to announce a news today, the interstellar strategy that its atelier develops is made newly ” galaxy ” after issue, what already endured community is consistent reputably, obtain the openly opinion of 95% even in Steam. Additional, be in at the same time as 68000 users issue day to have game, ” galaxy ” the successful work before surmounting this to issue trade ” city: Horizon line ” , created the record of first days of sales volume with brand-new Paradox.

Do not be in in the time of 24, ” galaxy ” already exceeded 200 thousand via work off, before exceeding Paradox to interact the sales volume record of all work the corresponding period.

Be in ” galaxy ” in, what the player will lead him is phyletic go exploring the universe. From just began ordinary beginning, the player needs to leave his Mu Xing, go exploring all sorts of sealed heavenly bodies, be the same as other outside the star is phyletic have negotiation, there still is the processing of all sorts of multiple choices and foreign policy during, ” galaxy ” the politic game style that reflected Paradox fascia mood. The adversary of the random creation that appears in game and the universe that make stage by stage, make metropolis of the game of every player different.

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