Steam comments on a system to update player of near future of more accurate report to comment on a trend

No matter you like, the review system of Steam is controlling many players to buy the decision of a few game. Nevertheless, this system does not mirror a player well and truly for a time the true view to certain game.

Nowadays is the time that a game upgrades ceaselessly. A game is landed the earliest experience first, hind of put on sale experiences a series of upgrading again, have again picture ” language of astral dew cereal ” author such producer upgrades game to day moorland old, the game nowadays upgrades so namely upgrade again. Nevertheless, the review system of Steam is a system that mingles different level together however. Right, want to write next comment only, can reveal all the time, and in overall situation differ reputably position is occupied in judging per cent. What the player must discriminate is the comment that writes recently, the antediluvian comment that the parents that what is holder of this Zhang date and grandfather times had written down. Some comments, when already was being passed really.

Solved these problems newlier of Steam today. Nowadays, review system shows two percentage, one reflects global condition, another shows the state that comments on recently. And recent comment also is in the comment of game has more indication proportion in the area, new affiliation summary option card offerred the past 30 days inside the compendium that reviews content with difference reputably, still offerred a few newest comment and good friend comment. Looked effect is such:

Nevertheless, say a honest word, this layout has really it seems that so little random, the content essence before be being compared nevertheless is spent definitely more a few taller.

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