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Generally speaking, if mention,have what game ” dark soul ” if style of battle of slow rhythm systematization becomes fast, should have likely ” hematic source ” name. Be in ” hematic source ” in, game more apt encourages a player to risk bigger risk, have attack consciousness more. And be in ” wolf: The shadow passes 2 degrees ” in, fromSoftware plan plants this concept further, become battle rhythm faster, directer, more frantic. Recently, be in in the interview, before making village of presiding game stylist get the better of those who introduced this fighting to fight a part to will be familiar with with FromSoftware player originally, make have why to differ. Village is gotten the better of express above all, fetch series and ” hematic source ” battle mechanism is to let a player try to be close to the enemy, attack hind is fast and evasive, or resembles ” dark soul ” same aegis is prevented, or resembles ” hematic source ” same dodge, and be in ” wolf: The shadow passes 2 degrees ” the battle in more resembling is man-to-man sword fights battle, weapon standard is blocked will be crucial. Stylist expresses, the player needs to practice perfecting the opportunity that his skill and case block not only, always notice oneself pose even, seize all opportunities at any time, launch attack in the process that the enemy atttacks even, these will be very important. Besides, other element, resembling is the artificial limb tool on part arm and the attentio上海龙凤论坛sh1f

n of this oppose lurk mechanism, will cause very big effect to the battle. Village gets the better of the progress that still introduced atelier to be obtained on implementation and the way with different before work, when respecting feels, he expresses this to From it is a kind of brand-new experience: “Undertake such altering greatly is very hard. But mix as atelier do not want to do same thing all the time for the individual. Say to want to make a new play to us when Gongqiyinggao so, and I research name system of a new action when, I am very excited. You also can see he is likewise special and excited, this kind of sentiment spread to leave in the group. ” ” change first and foremost even if we must follow ourselves into master to taste namely fetch series distinguishs come, want to do a few new things, new change. Accordingly, when we just began to create, facing very great difficulty. Develop the sense of game finally or be familiar with very much, but in this process, the part that goes up in palette at first especially and the share that conceive a system are very different, our creation went out to rebound system and sword fight a system, namely the thing that you see nowadays. ” when the biggest challenge that mentions he and group place to be faced with and t上海龙凤论坛sh1f

he apprehension上海千花网

that developing new action system, village gets the better of say: “This also is the thing that I still seek in effort in kink and group all the time, but creating join rebound after new action mode of the system, we must undertake to each battle choice school is mixed adjust. Rebound and be blocked unlike the case in fistfight game and ” dark soul ” the aegis in is prevented, the player has t上海夜网

he large area defence like wall no longer. This is a kind of very exact thing, learn this skill to let a player, we need to make enemy movement and attack motion very careful. The way that we need to let a player see the enemy comes over and try to master, can make response thereby. When adjusting these attack so, cannot look from par爱上海同城手机版

ameter only. We must go up from animation one frame ground has one frame essence of life is repaired, additions and deletions is very necessary, strive is excelsior, such players have reaction can intuitionisticly in game. ” ” these systems are being produced in every game that manufactures in us is a kind of challenge, but ” wolf: The shadow passes 2 degrees ” provide a challenge more. In make these altering, when trying to pull open a distance with fetch series, it is us when facing the biggest challenge. ” although h上海同城对对碰交友社区

ad these altering, but do not mean soul series and ” hematic source ” the player can not know this kind of style thoroughly, have kind of feeling that look brand-new however. Village gets the better of express: “This is not ” dark soul ” , this is not ” hematic source ” , I feel this is the new thing that our creation comes out. There also can be this kind of feeling when we hope to experience this game when the player, because this is planted,also can feel and be intoxicated unceasingly. ” FromSoftware is introducing all the time recently ” wolf: The shadow passes 2 degrees ” with ” dark soul ” and ” hematic source ” different point, include to upgrade battle of system, dynamic BOSS and emphasize the respect such as opener exploration can having brand-new feeling. ” wolf: The shadow passes 2 degrees ” will land PC, PS4 and Xbox One platform on March 22.

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