Sale of Er health pharmacy hides bureau of inspect of card of breathtaking and secret Hunan to already sent the group that check to enter the arena check

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Sale of Er health pharmacy hides bureau of inspect of card of breathtaking and secret Hunan to already sent the group that check to enter the arena check

Distance Er health pharmacy (300267.SZ) the Jiangxi duckweed countryside outside 75 kilometers of headquarters clear in relief city, inside house of house of Yu Zijian of a place oneself, only the chemical company of space of office of size of a room, look be lik阿爱上海同城

e with Er health pharmacy is without association, become possibly however open Er health pharmacy outstanding achievement is cruel the crucial factor that adds a secret.

In past lustrum, as do poineering work board Bai Ma Er health pharmacy, net profit appears on the market from 2011 in those days 118 million, with one action is added r上海夜网

each 1.026 billion yuan of 2016, year compound increase rate is as high as 54.12% .

As officinal complementary makings produces a business, the main product of Er health pharmacy uses natrium of sulphur benzyl Xi Lin, officinal cane sugar to wait for starch and amylaceous capsule, inject. According to announcement, starch and product of amylaceous pocket set are profit of company net profit to make larger contribution.

But two weeks in the past inside, this market prise 200 appear on the market more company, in the storm eye that was immersed in public opinion. Because be oppugned to be suspected of dummy profit, dummy asset by media, to the limit of one’s capacity of Er health pharmacy dropped afternoon on May 9 stop. Early on May 11, hand in place greatly to allot attention case to its, requirement Er health pharmacy is oppugned make a specification.

The response is made on the plenary meeting of 2016 year shareholder that Shuai Fangwen of president of Er health pharmacy held on May 12, in calling doubt the article, starch of modified of product of fault general company is promiscuous for common starch, point out interest rate of wool of company modified starch amounts to 90.99% .

Shuai Fangwen is made public mediumly in disturbance appear, the question that did not answer to make orgnaization, average investor for a long time bemused includes gross profit to lead the modified starch of 90.99% inside, who did the starch that contributes main profit for the company and product of amylaceous pocket set sell after all?

After announcing business of starch of put into production from 2013, the specific name of before Er health pharmacy is announced no longer 5 big clients. Face each inquiry, er health pharmacy reject in order to involve trade several times to divulge for the secret.

Through inquiring the record of imports and exports, interview that believes a source with the core that is close to Er health pharmacy, and visit on the spot, netease ” Qing Dynasty flows ” atelier investigates discovery solely, starch of product of core of Er health pharmacy reachs the sale of product of amylaceous pocket set, concealed a breathtaking secret: Its agency in Canada on one hand Cong Erkang pharmacy imports a product, carried the product Chinese churchyard again on the other hand. Meanwhile, er health pharmacy also may conceal the related concern of its and downstream agency.

The sale method of odd

From Canada Wengehua, flounder passes Washington Dakema harbor, reach this Chinese seaborne line finally, this year the beginning of the year is divided second carry a kind of product that the name is starch of soft capsule modified to Chinese churchyard. Twice the Qing Dynasty of commerce closes date, it is respectively mixed on Feburary 24, 2017 on March 7.

The marine record of afore-mentioned commerce shows, carry accumulative total gross weight twice to make an appointment with starch of 255 tons soft capsule modified, export Fang Weijun Syn Pharmatech Inc (next weighing SYN company) , import Fang Zejun to be the SMART TIGER CHEMICAL(JIANGXI) CO that is located in Jiangxi duckweed countryside. , . Netease ” Qing Dy爱上海龙凤419桑拿

nasty flows ” after atelier is checked with all possible means, affirm, SMART TIGER CHEMICAL(JIANGXI) CO. , chinese name is Jiangxi limited company of farsighted tiger chemical industry (below call Jiangxi farsighted tiger chemical industry) .

Soft capsule modified is amylaceous, it is starch of Er health pharmacy and one of products of amylaceous pocket set.

2013, er health pharmacy announces to enter officinal and amylaceous field, the proportion year after year that subsequently its starch and sales revenue of product of amylaceous pocket set take its battalion to close grows. 2015 this a series of sales revenue are 628 million yuan, occupy integral battalion to close 35.76% (1.756 billion yuan) ; 2016 this a series of sales revenue are 1.379 billion yuan, occupy integral battalion to close 46.57% (2.961 billion yuan) .

And SYN company is up to now, the starch that Er health pharmacy has announced exclusively and product of amylaceous pocket set are main client.

According to Er health pharmacy announcement, on May 27, 2016, SYN company purchases starch of modified of 222 tons of soft capsule to its, value 3.996 million dollar. But it is after half an year is much, SYN company however to domestic Jiangxi farsighted tiger company sold the starch of soft capsule modified with weight similar photograph.

Regard Er as the Canadian area agency of health pharmacy, according to announcement, the mission of SYN company is to promote the promotion of starch of Er health pharmacy and product of amylaceous pocket set in the international market and sale originally, but the commerce method of SYN company makes a person incomprehensible: On one hand health pharmacy purchases its Er to China starch of soft capsule modified reachs Canada, on the other hand it was answered the Jiangxi that is in China likewise again farsighted tiger chemical industry.

Netease ” Qing Dynasty flows ” of atelier visit a result to show on the spot, jiangxi farsighted tiger chemical industry hangs out his shingle to be built oneself in developing zone of duckweed country economy civilian curtilage in. This civilian curtilage, for Jiangxi Ceng Feng of general manager of farsighted tiger chemical industry resides abode to be in the ground daily. In this civilian curtilage ground floor, right is the sitting room of daily daily life, dining-room, kitchen and toilet, of area of left bedroom size is office area namely.

Industrial and commercial data shows, farsighted tiger chemical industry established Jiangxi on October 30, 2014, register capital 2 million yuan. But on January 30, 2015, the partner Liu Hui at that time, Ceng Feng only real pay is contributive 70 thousand yuan; Till August 24, 2016, farsighted tiger chemical industry changes Jiangxi after partner, square pay is full contributive forehead.

According to Jiangxi the view of Ceng Feng of general manager of farsighted tiger chemical industry, also concern to act as agent between its and SYN company, we began to accept the acting business of Canadian SYN company last year, also be to pass friend introduction, starch and former complementary makings is received, they need us what to do what do we do.

This batch of starch that Canada comes to, we had helped clear close, goods still is in custom. According to Ceng Feng’s view, he does not know the goods that comes from SYN company needs carry where to go to at present. Nevertheless he alludes, jiangxi farsighted tiger chemical industry acts as agent only the one part of business of China of SYN company exit, home is more than one of homes.

The mystery of Canadian agency

The official website of SYN company, carry inquiry of server of domain name Whois, register factitious Huang Zuyun. The website is founded in November 2010, register mailbox to also be

Seek testimony through believing a source to the core that is close to Er health pharmacy, a few management trace information of integrated SYN company, netease ” Qing Dynasty flows ” atelier learns, the Chinese name of Huang Zuyun is Huang Zuyun, he is a chemical expert.

Last century end, yellow Zu Yunceng is Hubei a chemical teacher of some college. After 2000, he is far go to Canadian Xi’an rude university (University Of WesternOntario) . Include general manager of afore-mentioned farsighted tiger chemical industry inside, the public figure that has contact with Huang Zuyun all call his Dr. Huang. Huang Zuyun is the patriarch of SYN company.

Besides purchasing starch of soft capsule modified, er health pharmacy and SYN company have contact of overmuch pen commerce.

On Feburary 5, 2015, er health pharmacy and SYN company sign distribute contract, conventional SYN company needs Xiang Erkang pharmacy to purchase inside a year not under starch of propyl of 7 billion hydroxide hollow capsule. The distribute area that agrees at that time is Canadian area. Announcement of Er health pharmacy says, once this sells collaboration to predict 304 million yuan to be able to bring sales revenue for its – 315 million yuan; May 2016, SYN company Xiang Erkang pharmacy purchased starch of propyl of 120 million hydroxide hollow capsule.

According to before the view of the source that narrate a letter, huang Zuyun the modified that in Er interest rate of the core product of health pharmacy, wool is as high as 90.99% is amylaceous on product research and development, it is an extremely crucial figure.

Its say, er health pharmacy accuses a subsidiary Hunan of 70% officinal limited company of research center of technology of complementary makings project, invited Huang Zuyun to hold the position of company technology chief in the beginning of hang out one’s shingle.

With evidence of photograph of this one view, 2016 the 24th the 5th period ” synthesis is chemical ” , ever published ” the synthesis that Xidena is not analogue ” one articl上海贵族宝贝论坛

e. In this article author one column, shuai Fangwen of president of Er health pharmacy is the first author, huang Zuyun is the 2nd author.

This paper shows, the hold post unit at that time is Huang Zuyun Hunan Province is officinal limited company of research center of technology of complementary makings project.

Afore-mentioned personages that are close to Er health pharmacy also say, cooperate besides the technology, huang Zuyun is in the SYN company of Canadian open, the modified starch that also is Er health pharmacy at the same time and plant capsule product open North America market. Er health pharmacy is the reputation that uses Huang Zuyun to be in North America area, opened the market.

Dan Erkang pharmacy sells a contract in exposure and Canadian SYN company say when the circumstance, with SYN company nonexistent correlation concerns.

By the SYN company of open of subsidiary technique chief, why can you become the dealer of Canada of Er health pharmacy? Both between have related concern after all? Regard Er as the agency of area of health pharmacy Canada, why can SYN c爱上海同城论坛

ompany return home to look for a representative? The soft capsule modified of weight of likeness of imports and exports is amylaceous, where to want carry to arrive after all?

Netease ” Qing Dynasty flows ” atelier tries to contact Er health pharmacy for many times, its investor concern handles a telephone call unmanned all the time receive listen. And the office of accountant of audit orgnaization Tian Jian of Er health pharmacy, netease falls in the record ” Qing Dynasty flows ” atelier is relevant after the problem, also do not have any replies. Up to distribute news dispatches, er health pharmacy also did not reply to enquire mail about afore-mentioned interrogative.

Nevertheless, the answer is announced very quickly probably. Bureau of Hunan card inspect had expedited the group that check to enter the arena on May 16 check, office of Tian Jian accountant also is opposite h上海贵族宝贝论坛

ealth pharmacy undertakes Er check. (article author and its directly-related members of one’s family -parents do not allude in hold article company stock manufactures | Netease Qing Dynasty sheds atelier author | Sheep of Zhao Yan old appearance)

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