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The nutrition of pork liver is very rich, if pork liver is done good word, flavour disputeForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Constant delicious, but the pork liver that occasionally we eat is suffering, a lot of people feel exceeding to baffle, the cause that causes pork liver to send suffering actually is very much, it is to was not cleaned clean likely, also may be gall bladder broken perhaps remain cause, everybody is in the pork liver that make when, must clean pork liver clean.

Why is pork liver bitter

Why is pork liver bitter

Reason one: The likelihood was not washed clean

Pork liver must be rinsed clean below faucet, purify blood water sundry, rectify next piece or it is the clear water that cut small immerge to add white vinegar half hour in medium or weak brine, acrid and basic meeting is eliminated, clean again before next boiler, can use unripe pink and saline souse.

Reason 2: Fry too old

Pork liver explodes into boiler after frying, cannot boil too long, if fry too oldA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Possible also can bitter flesh is returned character dry, boiler explodes under place after frying basically 5 minutes or so see pork liver does not have hematic silk, color turns into Brown, OK!

Why is pork liver bitter

How to choose pork liver

Pork liver nutrition is rich, flavour quite beautiful, very suffer feed1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Person love. Pork liver has the branch of pork liver of water of pork liver of powdery liver, face liver, hemp liver, stone liver, die in one’s bed, fill. Before two kinds are excellent, two kinds of intermediate take second place, hind two kinds are inferior goods.

Powdery liver, qualitative all soft and tender, finger exerts oneself to do sth. a bit, can insert incision place, do ripe hind flavour delicacy, tender. Differentia, former color is like gallinaceous liver, latter color reddish brown is red.

The making skill of pork liver

1. liver is the oldest poison terminal inside body and alexipharmic organ, so redemptive bright liver is not eager to cook, answer to put liver below tap water bibcock to rinse 10 minutes, ; immerses 30 minutes in be being put in water next

2. cook time cannot too short, should fry 5 minutes of above in urgent fire at least, make liver becomes dust-colour completely, cannot see hematic silk ability good;

3. cure anaemia matchs spinach best;

4. pork liver often has a kind of special peculiar smell, before cooking, should use blood of water general liver above all abluent, shuck next thin-skinned, put dish in, add put breast of right amount ox to immerse, in a few minutes, pork liver peculiar smell can keep clear of;

5. pork liver should be cut now do now, time is placed to grow biliary meeting to pour out of after fresh pork liver is cut, not only loss nutrient, and fry ripe hind have makeShanghai night net

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Much grain condenses on pork liver, affect the exterior and quality, answer to use condiment and wet starch quickly to mix after pork liver section so divide evenly, leave boiler as early as possible.

Why is pork liver bitter

Of pork liver save a method

2 day

The edible of pork liver is no-no

AppropriateSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Gas deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it is weak, complexion decline is yellow, blood of appropriate liver of; of edible of the person that be short of iron sex anaemia is not worth be caused by look matter punch-drunk, nyctalopia. The small hole is dry disease, disease of bate of the cornea after children hives is ill, Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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, the person that turns; of the edible after cure to suit anaemia, constant in the job before computer, love nonabstainer edible; suffers from hypertensive, coronary heart disease, fat disease and hematic fat tall person diet pork liver, because liver is medium cholesterol content is higher. Sick and become angry or tuberculous pork liver diet.

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