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Article introduction

At ordinary times when we go to Indian Thailand and Japan travelling, have kind of very intuitionistic condiment via often can seeing, it is curry so, curry is special delicate can irrigate go up in dish, soup juice is very full-bodied, and very rich exotic amorous feelings, the sort of curry is very much, different area has different1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Taste and style, because of the relation of constitution of body of a lot of person, classics regular meeting appears painfulFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The phenomenon of wind, all food dare not eat in disorder, whether can gouty patient eat curry?

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Can gout eat curry

The basic introduction of curry

Curry is the sauce material that be allocated by a variety of flavor and becomes, common wait at Indian dish, Thailand dish and Japanese dish, accompany the flesh commonly kind eat together with the meal. Curry is the dish that a kind of diversity changes to reach specially attune to cross flavour, the famousest is India and Thailand cookery, however curry has been in Asia-Pacific area one of dish of predominate. Besides tea, the true extensive that curry is minority inferior dish or beverage, but what should point out is, its origin is to come from at India. Indian taste is make with mixing each square style contain dish of exotic amorous feelings and famed.

The sort of Li is very much, will divide with the country, its source ground has India, sri lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia to wait; Will divide with color, red, green, yellow, Bai Zhi is fastened, what go up according to burden detail is different come to what the curry of phyletic taste has more than 10 to plant about distinguish, the assemble of these disparate and different flavor is together, can make the full-bodied fragrance that all sorts of expect making a person of all sorts of curry are less than.

Can gout eat curry

The effect of curry and action

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1. is stomachic

Can promote the exudation of saliva and gastric juice, accelerate gastric bowel peristalsis, stomachic.

2. Stimulative blood circulates

Curry still can promote haemal circulation, achieve sudoriferous goal, be in burning hot area so, people likes to eat curry cooked food particularly.

3. fights cancer to fight cancer

American cancer studies the research of association points out, the turmeric element that contains inside curry has activation liver cell and control the function of cancer cell, to liver the precaution of disease and cancer can have certain effect.

The nutrient value of curry

The bases of curry is turmeric pink, plain Sui of He Yan of Chinese prickly ash, anise, caoguo, peppery, cassia bark, clove child wait.

Can gout eat curry

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The choose and buy of curry

Curry of countrywide each district basically has curry of curry of seafood of curry of chicken of French beef curry, Thailand green curry, Malaysia beef curry, India, sri lanka, Nepalese bean, can choose according to different taste and need. Curry tastes not the aroma, curry that is not normal place is unfavorable buy.

The memory of curry

Curry should sealed save, lest aroma brandish diverge is broken.

The edible method of curry

Carry in cook hot carry sweet, go fishy smell, can use at cooking food, stew fish shrimp, beef, chicken.

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