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Pink of polished glutinous rice is OK in the life of everywhere buy, use the word of egg of collocation of pink of polished glutinous rice, also can make egg cake, but the egg cake that makes relative to flour or meeting distinguishing, it is different for mouthfeel, but flavour also is have a distinctive flavour. Cake of egg of pink of the polished glutinous rice that make when the scale that those who need an attention is pink of polished glutinous rice and water.

Can pink of polished glutinous rice make egg cake

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250g of pink of polished glutinous rice

Complementary expect


In vain saccharic and right amount

Lardy and right amount

1 join white of polished glutinous rice in a clean container, infiltrate bright egg

2 join white sugar of a few spoon, add right amount cold water, agitate

3 if water is added much, can complement again pink of a bit polished glutinous rice and candy, continue agitate

4 till Bai Sha candy is complete,melt finally, pink of polished glutinous rice alsoFall in love with the sea

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Do not have grain shape completely equably, powdery juice is concentrated consistency is appropriate can

5 one chunk is put in boiler lardy (with lardy flavour brighter) , the attune that burn heat comes Xiao fire

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6 contain juice of pink of one spoon polished glutinous rice from boiler the position intermediate falls to come slowly in boiler, at this moment powdery fluid is automatic lay open becomes round cake state

7 slowly decoct comes underside is golden, and above powdery fluid just caky, break up to another to continue decoct (decoct controls a process must small fire, lest cake decoct is papered)

8 squashy hind, have pot, cut small to be able to sample, take the advantage of heat to eat more delicious oh, contain lardy scent, of polished glutinous rice stick flavour and light sweet taste. Be very simple?

Can pink of polished glutinous rice make egg cake

Macaroni egg cake


Music macaroni 200g, butter 2 spoon (30g) , apple 2, onion 1/2 (cut Xiaoding) , pork fumes bowel 2 (cut Xiaoding) , milk 300ml, egg 6, saline 1/2 teaspoon (3g) , teaspoon of white pepper 1/3 (2g)

Can pink of polished glutinous rice make egg cake


Music macaroni is put into boiling water, boil with medium baking temperature restrict 5 minutes, fish out rushs with cold water cool stand-by.

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Cut 4 piece, cut Cheng Xiaoding again.

Medium baking temperature heats the butter in boiler, malic young man and onion Xiaoding are put to fry after waiting for butter to melt entirely make 5 minutes, rejoin boils good music macaroni and pork to fume alvine young man, continue to break up fry 3 minutes.

The egg is in the bowl break up. Put fluid of milk, egg, salt and white pepper into the bowl to mix, in the fabrics that has fried is being irrigated after mix is even, mix is even, enter a circle in baking dish of mould.

Bake make:

Oven warm-up reachs 200 degrees, will bake dish put oven mid bake make 35 minutes can.

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